HP’s giving YOU a free Touch PC!

Yes, guys it’s like stealing candies from babies literally!

Just leave a comment on this post about the latest HP Touchsmart PC and how you can use it to win a HP Touchsmart together with me!

What are you waiting for?

p.s. get your friends and family to join too! But only Singaporean-based readers can apply 😦



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5 responses to “HP’s giving YOU a free Touch PC!

  1. Christopher Wong

    As a teacher, I think it’d be a great teaching tool. I can create interactive lessons and have the pupils to participate actively by coming forward to “touch” the screen to complete certain activities. With it, I can make my lessons come to life and capture their hearts and minds in an entertaining and fun way.

  2. As a web design and internet wannabe , i love gadgets , more so now that i can present my corporte profile on a PC with touchscreen capabilities . Have not seen one like that for consumers. with HP new Touchsmart , presentations and user interface will be different . I can’t wait to own one myself to immerse into its full capabilities and potential . 3 Cheers to the R&D team form HP that created Touchsmart .

  3. ElizabethCEO

    I’m in love with computers and new age technology but i have to wonder if the new HP Touch screen will last; i can imagine it would be a lot faster to damage the screen if you constantly poke at it. 3 cheers for Hp if the screen don’t break the first month after you buy it.

  4. diego portillo

    touch pc the most innovative way of reaching everything by simply one touch
    the high technology ,very sophisticated is so simple it’s powerful and its only from hp …. it’s amazing

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