The Ping.Sg Highway goes on

Normally I refrain from commenting on disputes or scandals happening on the local blogosphere.

Coz I always believe that’s more to what we read than meets the eye and I’d rather not make a judgement in case I might not have the complete picture.

And also coz I’m usually too busy to find out all the ins and outs of the community and attend a lot of the events – especially with my being on the road since April till 2 weeks back.

But having said all that, do allow me to share a little bit of my humble thoughts on Ping.Sg, what I consider as the local highway for bloggers.

I have observed that a few accidents have been happening on this highway recently. But this is a highway, and accidents always happen, minor or major.

These accidents were either roadusers (bloggers) banging into each other or actually into the highway (rules) itself.

Sadly, some of these roadusers ended up having to leave the highway, some even being towed out.

In most accidents as in everyday life, we almost never blame the highway for it.

But some of these accidents happen sometimes because of roadblocks, highway constructions, potholes, etc

Maybe the highway owner could have done more to ensure that some accidents didn’t happen. And I’m sure he did his best. More on this at the end of the post.

So the local bloggers on are happily cruising along the highway of, getting along to our different destinations.

Sometimes we meet each other at the different rest stops.

And in one of these recent reststop gatherings, the rest stop manager saw some nice flashy cars, had a really great time with the eloquent and boisterous group and commented that these people are really ‘happening’, ‘popular’, and ‘in’ and so she tells everybody about it.

She has her right to her observations, afterall being the rest stop manager, she has seen them all and definitely have her own thoughts on the people she met.

But as we all know by now, people got offended by her observations and took issue with it.

Resulting in people exiting the highway, some because of more accidents.

But such is life on the highway.

You can leave now, but you can always come back later.

But in this case, the highway owner would have to allow you back first.

As local bloggers on the highway, we are all just co-sojourners on a journey.

Learn to enjoy the journey, and not just focused on the destination – although I think many on this highway might not know their destinations.

At least I know that the highway owner knows what he wants.

He is doing a public service for everyone by building and maintaining this highway.

But he’s not perfect, the highway is not perfect.

He cannot please everyone and build according to everyone’s whims and fancies.

I can imagine the kind of requests that he gets

“Why can’t you just build an exit outside my house?”

“Why can’t you build this highway to go to Jakarta or directly to Koh Samui?”

He has his own problems and issues. Do remember, this is a toll-free highway and he’s just doing a public service (Part of it is financed by the banner ads you see along the highway, but it’s not enough to keep it out of the red).

But of course, you don’t need to use this highway to get to where you want to go. You can always go by another road, or another highway.

Accidents are REALLY unfortunate and sad. Nobody likes to have an accident.

But it’s the realities of life and even if it means being painfully towed out, we have to move on.

We still have to continue our journey and get to our destinations, maybe just take a longer time.

And as the highway owner, he’ll just strive to do a better public service.

The rest stop manager will continue to have more distinctions on the people she meets.

People will enter and exit this highway all the time.

And as users of the highway, we move on – sometimes meeting and catching up at the rest stops.

For those of us who get really frustrated at using this highway, exits to find another way to get to their destinations. And maybe we’ll see them on the other roads.

Accidents are really painful and unfortunate, but such is the realities of life on the highway.

UPDATED : On the banning of bloggers like DK, realised that I did not share my thoughts on this. I liken the banning to the owner of the highway deciding that some vehicles are not suitable for his highway as he feels they may affect other road users – thus banning them from his highway. Happens that he has the means to enforce it too. It’s really unfortunate being a blog highway and an age of Web 2.0 where engaging in open conversations is really important. Also he could have executed better by giving notices and prior warnings first.
Well, good thing these drivers still have their vehicles and driving licenses and free to continue their journeys using other roads and highways.

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6 responses to “The Ping.Sg Highway goes on

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  2. I”m not going to comment about the content but I really like the way you write using the highway style. Impressively unique. Are you a road hogger??? HONK HONK!!! Go to the middle lane ahh…


    I just met a P plater who drove really TOOOOOO slow and eventually went up the curb in the car park but managed to get out onto the main road at really an incredibly snail speed. I wonder if that person got to his/her destination safely…

    Hey molemole, hahaha, glad you find the style ‘unique’ 🙂 Nice to hear from you again!
    I’m a driver trained in Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, what do you think!?
    Strangely, I met a Taxi Driver road hogger just 2 days back. He was driving on the fast lane at 80kmph alongside another car in the middle lane around the same speed. So there was like a pileup behind them coz they kinda just blocked the road. And I was directly behind the taxi, in a terrible rush, contemplating between honking, flashing, or doing a quick swerve to the leftmost lane.. hahaha..

  3. Great post nic!

    Hey Claud, thanks!! Hopefully that helps everybody take a step back and think about this whole situation a bit more.

  4. I like the analogy =)

    Hey Daryl, thanks for dropping by. I hope that gives readers like you food for thought on the whole situation.

  5. WAH… *bows* down to you.
    Those countries you named… dreadful driving places ~shudders~

    haha… one thing I do note is that tolls are everywhere… and is toll-free

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