And we thought Singapore taxis were bad

Been really busy and focusing more on my tech blogs, surprisingly the readership for this blog has been up even though I hardly update. So sorry my dear readers – I will do my best to update this blog more often!

Anyways, I’m in Hanoi now and just wanted to have a quick gripe about the horrible taxi situation here in Hanoi. And I thought Singapore was bad.

Here, a simple journey of say 3-4km costs like S$10. The meter ticks at S$0.10 every 10 metres. One U-turn is like 50cents SGD.

This is based on my few experiences with the cabs here which I hailed from the streets.

Seriously… how do people survive over here?

See my gripe at CNET Asia about the internet connection here… zzz

Having made all these gripes, I do think Hanoi is a much nicer looking city compared to Ho Chi Minh (with the exception of their upmarket District 7)


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One response to “And we thought Singapore taxis were bad

  1. when is the last time you take a cab in singapore?

    hey hey… nice of you to drop by. Actually not that often. But most recently when I took a cab to the airport and back. I know what you’re saying, Singapore is almost just as bad. But trust me, Hanoi is worse. And if you told me it’s London or New York, ok. But, it’s Hanoi??

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