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Back on the journey

Having been so busy so long with so many projects, I kinda surprised myself in actually being quite glad and relieved for once to be able to travel for a while. Armed with a couple of gadgets, I’ll be doing some long drives across the United States and flights of more than 50 hours in less than 10 days. Hopefully these long journeys will motivate me to wanna write about the Highway of Life more :p


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The journey of musicians..

Many of you might not know that before I enslaved myself to the tech industry for the past 10 years, I was actually a musician. A full-time ‘professional’ musician who had to play a few instruments including the piano, keyboards, drums, percussions, bass, and guitars to make ends meet 😦


Nic the keyboardist

A musician’s life is hard, especially here in Singapore. If you are not the top 0.0001% of musicians who were already grooving even in their mother’s womb, you might be better off earning a living holding signs at street corners Continue reading


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