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A certain type of drivers

There are some drivers I met – and they are mostly of a certain type but I don’t really want to mention names – that can’t tell very well between left and right.

You give directions like “Turn left ahead” and that person will signal right! And vice versa of course.

Yeah, let’s not get started on the details :p I don’t feel like having an accident on the highway today.

But I was just thinking about it recently, how that relates to life – since this blog is about highways relating to life.

And I think this one is obvious enough : Continue reading


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Experiencing the arctic right here in Singapore

Last Friday night, I was given a chance to experience what it’s like to be in the arctic right here in Singapore :

Heat Loss Measuring Arctic Room

Guess where’s this? (And it’s free for public) Continue reading


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Mobile Blogging

Test mobile blogging from Nokia N96

UPDATE 1 : Since this blog isn’t updated as often as my other blogs and now that I’ve discovered the wonderful service of, I’ll update it from time to time with micro-posts or short posts from mobile (mostly Nokia N96). So don’t be surprised to see blog posts without tags, categories and titles! Hey at least the blog is being updated more regularly!

UPDATE 2: I discovered that micro-blogging here is not good for some of my more ‘ardent’ and RSS readers. Finally managed to figure out how to put the micro-blogging stuff onto a side widget on So there you have it, I’ll be mobile blogging onto a side widget called “on the steering wheel” from now on.

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“I prefer to be a passenger”

A fellow co-sojourner told me he turned down the company’s offer for a company car including transport allowance. It kinda baffled me so I had to ask the big “WHY”?

“Oh, I used to drive but I prefer to let others drive me or take public transport so that I don’t have to drive others around.”

That really got me thinking about one’s attitude towards life.

Why would one prefer to Continue reading


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Fleishman-Hillard’s Bloggers Event

Last night, I finally went to a bloggers’ event after 2 months of travelling and not being around. It was good to meet fellow co-sojourners on the internet highway a.k.a. bloggers again and also made some new friends :

Alice and Pris

Alice (with the camera) and Pris

Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong with Yuhui behind him and new STOMP star blogger Vanessa on the far right.


Claudia posing with the Lenovo S10 which I brought Continue reading


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In memory of a brave woman

‘If I don’t make it out…’

Lo Hwei Yen’s husband talks about her last moments

By Teh Joo Lin & Kimberly Spykerman
‘Only in her very last sentence did she say, ‘Please tell them (the authorities) to hurry up’,’ said Mr Puhaindran, who wants people to know his wife was a brave Singaporean. — ST PHOTO: WANG HUI FEN

EVEN as she was being held by terrorists in her Mumbai hotel a week ago, Ms Lo Hwei Yen’s voice remained steady as she spoke with her husband on her mobile phone.

‘I was reacting to her trying to remain calm as well,’ her husband, Mr Michael Puhaindran, recalled yesterday.


‘Only in her very last sentence did she say: ‘Please tell them (the authorities) to hurry up’.

‘That’s when I really couldn’t take it and I told her I loved her so very much, and she said the same thing.

‘And those were her last words.’

Some time later, the 28-year- old Ms Lo was killed by her captors. She was one of several people who lost their lives in The Oberoi Trident Hotel, one of several Mumbai landmarks attacked by terrorists whose rampage left over 180 dead.

Yesterday, during his wife’s wake, Mr Puhaindran spoke to reporters for the first time about her last hours.

While the 37-year-old was composed at the start of the 40-minute interview attended by some 20 journalists and cameramen, by the time it ended, he had broken down several times.

He said he last saw his wife on Wednesday last week when Continue reading


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