Fleishman-Hillard’s Bloggers Event

Last night, I finally went to a bloggers’ event after 2 months of travelling and not being around. It was good to meet fellow co-sojourners on the internet highway a.k.a. bloggers again and also made some new friends :

Alice and Pris

Alice (with the camera) and Pris

Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong with Yuhui behind him and new STOMP star blogger Vanessa on the far right.


Claudia posing with the Lenovo S10 which I brought because Hillary wanted to live blog.

Cecilia, Jean, and Alice

Cecilia from Fleishman, Jean and Alice.


East Coast Life with Darren Ng, our star player from Singapore Slingers who’s also a medical doctor and has a very popular blog.


Everybody loves Darren – that’s Diana a.k.a. molemole

Esther Fid Winnie

The three lovely bloggers – from left – Esther, Fidelis, and Winnie

Diana Claudia Vanessa

Diana, Claudia, and Vanessa

Fleishman Hillard

Some of the folks from our host for the night – Fleishman-Hillard Singapore. They have some clients which are interesting to me like AT&T and Avaya (my ex-employers), Motorola, palm (I was a diehard in the 90s), Tata Consultancy Services, and NETS (my current clients)  amongst Fleishman-Hillard’s many other clients here in Singapore. In fact they have someone for Corporate Social Responsibility which got me thinking maybe I should recommend them for an upcoming project I’m helping World Vision with.

Darren Ng with Lenovo S10

A lot of bloggers remarked that Darren resembles a local actor so they pulled up his photo on the Lenovo S10 which I brought and Darren tried to pose like the dude on the laptop. Quite funny pose of Darren, this one.


A overview of the activities happening at Brewerks, Clark Quay. (That’s the only pic I have of Sabrina – in pink)

Nicole, Hillary, Coleman

from left : Nicole, Hillary, and Coleman.


Rinaz who’s getting married this month, congrats!

Darren and gals

Darren’s a hit with all the gals, of course.

nadnut lenovo

Nadnut using the Lenovo S10 Ideapad as Jayden and Jacelyn looks on.

nadnut and jayden

nadnut talking to Nicole as Jayden looks on.

Jacelyn, nadnut and Hillary

Jacelyn, Nadnut and Hillary

I missed out on DK and Preetam – didn’t seem to have their pictures anywhere. Sorry dudes!



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3 responses to “Fleishman-Hillard’s Bloggers Event

  1. hahaha I look funny in that picture

    🙂 nice meeting you there !

    oops sorry about the funny pic! Nice meeting you too!

  2. DK

    Wow…. You are a Palm die hard fan too? I got Palm III, V, T3 and TX. 🙂

    lol how did your comment get into my spam box?

  3. Woohoo~ There’s no longer a face to my name but colour! 😛

    (Faceless better then ugly.)

    See you soon!

    LOL paiseh… see you soon!

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