“I prefer to be a passenger”

A fellow co-sojourner told me he turned down the company’s offer for a company car including transport allowance. It kinda baffled me so I had to ask the big “WHY”?

“Oh, I used to drive but I prefer to let others drive me or take public transport so that I don’t have to drive others around.”

That really got me thinking about one’s attitude towards life.

Why would one prefer to be a passenger, even take public transport, instead of being in charge of the steering wheel?

It made me wonder if this is the same attitude this co-sojourner takes towards his life.

And with the little I know about him, I think in many ways he does take a similar attitude towards life.

One reason why I think so is because he has shared with me about being lonely and suicidal before.

It doesn’t relate directly I know but if he was firmly in the driver seat of his life, know exactly where he wants to go on the highway of life and going for it, he won’t be suicidal right?

To me (at least how I’m thinking right now), everyone should be in the driver’s seat of his or her life.

Once in a while you might like others to drive you around, but ultimately you should be firmly in control of where you’re going on the highway of life.



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3 responses to ““I prefer to be a passenger”

  1. I think it’s nice to be driven when you can trust the driver to take you to the perfect destination. If everyone is in the driver’s seat, there won’t be any passengers to enrich our lives.

    true… else we’ll all have to get our pilot licenses 😛

  2. Len

    so true …everyone should have goals to work towards, otherwise what is the meaning of life?

    heh nice of you to drop by

  3. That’s really wonderful advice. I guess those who just like to be driven around are just followers and I hope they don’t follow blindly.

    Found you through LinkedIn..

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