Experiencing the arctic right here in Singapore

Last Friday night, I was given a chance to experience what it’s like to be in the arctic right here in Singapore :

Heat Loss Measuring Arctic Room

Guess where’s this? (And it’s free for public)

It’s the new National Geographic destination store at Vivocity just opened this morning at 10am! This is only the second store in the world after London was opened 3 weeks ago!

Bloggers got a sneak preview and we tried on the uber light and protective goretex on sale at the store against the freezing arctic conditions in a heat loss measuring Arctic room.

This morning, I went for the official opening with a co-sojourner and caught some new stuff which were not ready when the bloggers were shown the place 2 days back:

A huge slab of ice in the heat loss measuring Arctic room!

A nice collection of watches for travelers on sale.

A new display gallery of photographs on frogs – which you can buy too. In fact, you can buy almost anything you see in the store!

There’s some really great value-for-money and educational Christmas gifts – this is one example. 100 science experiments for kids for slightly less than S$150/- (around US$100)

There’s a nice collection of clothes and bags too :

Basic wear

Bags made from Camel skin

Quality travellers’ wear

So it’s definitely a one-of-its-kind concept store worth going the distance for. If you haven’t finished your Xmas shopping, head on down to Vivocity first floor! You can’t miss it!



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6 responses to “Experiencing the arctic right here in Singapore

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  2. Hi man…great seeing you again yesterday. Managed to pop to their already crowded store and must admit that I am impressed. Got a few stuffs I am interested in picking up but had to rush coz of the time (or rather lack of)… 😉

    Yeah it was great to bump into you yesterday. Uber cool store yeah?

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  4. Experiencing the arctic right here… One of those lines I wish I came up with!

    Thanks for coming. We really appreciate it. But of course you already know that.

    I’m still kicking myself for missing Hillary’s email. URGH!

    I flew past the arctic circle 2 times last month and twice in October when I went to the states and wished to myself that I could be down there instead of up there in the plane. So imagine my delight to experience that right here in Singapore! Thanks a lot to you and Nat Geo store!!

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