She’s gone…

What do you do when you lose a precious co-sojourner?

You haven’t heard from me here for the past one month or so cause I was on national service – military reservist training – for two weeks, while really messed up my work schedule.

The worse thing was, Kero disappeared on the second day of my reservist training :

Lost Dog

For weeks, countless hours were spent looking for her. There must have been at least a dozen prank calls, and calls of dog sightings that ended up as other dogs. Three trips to SPCA didn’t yield any results. I even missed my panel slot at BlogOut! (sorry guys)

You can imagine how little work I got done in March. But the more important thing is, she’s gone; and I’ve all but given up hope.

Loss of a loved one is really hard..



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3 responses to “She’s gone…

  1. I feel sorry for you that you’ve lost her. I feel sorry for her that she’s lost you too. You were her greatest treasure and her best friend.

  2. Hey cheer up. Take it as it comes. She might return one day… Otherwise, she’s probably found a new home?

    All the best!

    Thanks Sab 🙂

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