I do some of my best thinking on long drives.

A few years back, while I was doing a slow 4 hours drive, it suddenly hit me that the highway is so much like life. So many parallels, and so many lessons we can learn from them. The ideas hit me fast and furious until I had to stop the car and start writing them down.

Since then, many times when I’m on the road I come across a new parallel, a new lesson, a new idea. I have jotted down my thoughts over the years intending to publish them into a book one day, even had a major publishers who was interested to help me. I’m still thinking about it, everything in its time. I guess I really just want to share the ideas and lessons for the benefit of all, and the author stuff can take a backseat.

In my work, I’ve founded and exited tech startups. Some successful, some not so successful. I’m learning. In all my craziness busy-ness, this blog has become very special to me. It’s here that I take time to slow down and think about life and where it’s headed. To see transient things in their real context of co-sojourners, separation, and even death (I like to call it my MAJOR exit strategy :p).

It’s here that I am constantly reminded life is so much more than just career, business, and making money.

It’s here that I found you, a co-sojourner on the highway of life whom I hope will be around till the end of the journey, wherever that leads us.


Although some of the posts you see here are not exactly lessons of life from the highway in a direct sense, I always try to make my posts related to the highway. As this is the only personal blog I actively maintain for now, you’ll see that sometimes I come across something that grips me and I can’t help but blog about it here even though it may not be entirely related to the theme of this blog.


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  1. I have many posts about life in my early blogging days. I have a particular post, in fact, which is titled “Lessons from the Highway of Life”. Yes, we are indeed co-sojourners.

    Hi Sarzi my co-sojourner, thanks for dropping by! It’s my pleasure to have you visit. Wow.. I must go read your post on the “Lessons from the Highway of Life”!

  2. denise67

    Hi there,
    Thanks for taking your precious time to visit my posts and have your comments there.
    I love speeding. But in a safety manners. I do think a lot along the highway with the music on. Sometimes I like sentimental but sometime I like hot music. Me too, have a wishful thought that may be someday, I could publish my story into a book. This idea still on now and then, but…anyway, I will work hard on it. You too,okay?

    thanks and we’ll both work hard 🙂 Left my comments on your blog.

  3. Blue Heavens


    Thanks for stopping by! You’ve some pretty cool posts over here too!


    thanks for dropping over with your comments too 😀

  4. Thanks for dropping by and your comments! Lets travel well and adventurously on the Highway of life! 🙂 Drive safely too! 🙂

    Thanks Andy 🙂 ‘adventurous’ and ‘safe’ don’t always go hand in hand yeah?

  5. Life is equivalent to the highway if you are rich. The faster you drive the more shiok you feel. But that is dangerous, but people love thrill. Life is merely walking beside the highway, on the pathway or pavement for the less fortunate. They have to catch up with the race otherwise. Don’t drive too fast, if you drive too fast, the road-builder think yr life is too good.

    Haiz, just my views about life. We all have different views, depending on yr own personal experiences.

    Interesting viewpoints. Cheers : )

    Hi Peace 🙂 Thanks for dropping your insightful comments. Indeed, I perfectly understand what you mean!!
    But do you notice sometimes in a traffic jam, it’s the overtaking lane that moves the slowest? Food for thought :p

  6. Haha, that’s why this world is make perfect with different mixture of people. I have not drove on the highway for years. So that is why we have to visit blogs to see the highways. 🙂 Cheaper too. So be sure to give us the best food here.

    hehe… food I can’t serve on the highway lah… but you can come join us for a Slingers’ game where’s there’s lotsa food and drinks!

  7. bibomedia


    🙂 🙂

  8. Found you here. 🙂 Time to catch up after 3 years.

    Hi there Ken 🙂 Nice to hear from you, indeed an overdue catchup is much needed!

  9. Benn

    Yoh! very well written…
    Heard from you too around our Legends club time, luckily someone found blog for you to unleash otherwise U ll go “gila” with such a long story stuck in your mind for so long 🙂 Let publish it to benefit other too…

    LOL… you still remember sia!

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    Best regards
    Zola marquis

  11. ill comment here directly instead of your Ping-Highway analogy post.

    I just discovered this blog cuz its on the Top 10 (as of 7/7/2008) and I really think that your blog as well as mine is similar in the sense that we are moving. Maybe our destinations are different, but we are moving nonetheless.

    I shall copy your RSS to my reader, I hope you update more frequently than I do. *chuckles*

    all the best,

    Dear Sham, thanks for your nice comment and adding the RSS 🙂 hahaha… good one – this is quite a ‘seasonal blog’ heh

  12. Quite like-minded, I must admit.
    Interesting viewpoints, good expressions.
    C0-sojourner – how true we but journey thru our lives that are so mysteriously intertwined even though most of us are but strangers….

  13. Hi Nic,

    Thanks for leaving the note on my blog 🙂 Are you still playing music?

    hey yeah I am. What about you?

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  15. Merely wanna state that this is very beneficial , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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