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Fleishman-Hillard’s Bloggers Event

Last night, I finally went to a bloggers’ event after 2 months of travelling and not being around. It was good to meet fellow co-sojourners on the internet highway a.k.a. bloggers again and also made some new friends :

Alice and Pris

Alice (with the camera) and Pris

Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong with Yuhui behind him and new STOMP star blogger Vanessa on the far right.


Claudia posing with the Lenovo S10 which I brought Continue reading



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I haven’t been blogging here for a while

So sorry guys, everything just moved up 1 gear since mid Sept I’ve been on the road and been home only less than 20% of the time and did at least 100 hours in the air. Add to that I have to maintain my tech blogs here and here – you can find some updates there.

In fact I’ve had TONNES of things I wanted to blog here. But priority always goes to the tech blogs and I guess I want to take more time when I do write a post here. I’ve been wanting to write about my recent journeys and insights I’ve received while on the road. While I hope to talk about them more in details, here’s like a quick summary :

Indianapolis – Managed to catch up with some old friends and co-sojourners here. Never knew when I was gonna see them again and was soooo glad when I did. Also went to an NBA game and caught Larry Bird and Shaq (visiting with the Phoenix Suns). I sat next to the Mayor of the 12th largest city in America and briefly there, for a few hours in time, we were co-sojourners 🙂 Managed to talk to his wife from Thailand as well.

North Carolina – Did a 10-hours drive from Indianapolis with some treasured co-sojourners and it felt like the end of the world with the big open highways and ….. no petrol. Yes, towards the end of the journey near Charlotte North Carolina, almost every petrol kiosk we went to was outta petrol. How harrowing. The thing I took away from that that experience was – we can drive the nicest cars (we were in a Lexus) but without petrol, it’s just a useless piece of metal on wheels. I blogged about this before actually. I made some wonderful friends in North Carolina which I suspect will be lifelong co-sojourners.

Seoul – Spent a short time in Seoul, and now I’m back in Seoul again to present at a conference. Will talk more about this later, hopefully!

Osaka – Always loved Japan, bought my Nintendo Wii, and had a great time with some clients there. Learnt lots and made some new friends. Definitely going back!

Moscow – Was definitely an eye-opener for me, especially to see one of the seven wonders of the world :St. Basils Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow

Also made an important friend whom I suspect will be a co-sojourner for a long time to come too.

Samara – Although this city is only like 1,000 miles from Beijing. I was surprised to know that I was probably the only Chinese in this city. This is so unlike Moscow where mainland Chinese were all over the streets. Interestingly, Samara has one of the largest car factories in Russia for a brand called ‘Lada’. Talk about highways..

Dubai – I’ve never seen so much sand in my life! My time in Dubai was short but I touched based with a co-sojourner there who will only become closer to me in the journey ahead, especially after that meeting.

Hanoi – I was thrown into a meeting with some really important people there. I’m not sure why yet but for a brief moment in time at least, I was co-sojourners with some of the most powerful people in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh – Similiar experience as Hanoi. I’ve been to Ho Chi Minh City before and blogged about it too.

Kuala Lumpur – I attended a regional business conference and they had this flag ceremony where I was invited to hold the Singaporean flag. Was an awesome feeling, a little hard to describe especially when surrounded by 30 other flags. National pride is definitely one of those feelings there!

At the same time the experience was very sobering as the conference was held in the midst of the economic downturn. Many great learnings and insights and of course rubbing shoulders with some of the very best businessmen (co-sojourners) around asia.

Chicago – I rushed back from KL and only spent like 4 hours in Singapore before rushing off to Chicago then to Indianapolis again (yes twice in a month). It’s especially meaningful to be in the jazzy city of Chicago DURING the US Elections itself since Chicago is Obama’s hometown. Some co-sojourners I met on the flight from Singapore to Chicago – we had a great time on the 20 hour flight.

Tokyo – was really interesting because I wasn’t supposed to be there. Only for transit from Chicago back to Singapore. Through some strange twist of events, I ended up staying in Tokyo for 1 night and made some precious friends. One of them whom I met was on the same flight with me not only from Tokyo to Singapore, but from Chicago to Tokyo, and also Dubai to Singapore like 2 weeks back! How freaky! Talk about co-sojourners on the highway of life!

Brunei – Although I knew I had a big invitation to speak at their inaugural National Technology Forum, I didn’t realise how big it was until I was swamped with media interviews from the time I landed. The conference was great and I blogged a little about the experience here.

So there, a quick summary and snapshot of my travelling so far. I actually reviewed quite a couple of gadgets for these travellings – Lenovo Thinkpad X200, Kohjinsha SX and SC Series, Canon Powershot A1000 IS, Canon S5 IS,  Canon EOS 1000D, and Gigabyte Netbook (currently reviewing). I also bought the iPod Touch from the states. I have TONNES of photos more which hopefully I can share with you.

After Seoul, I’ll be back in Singapore for a while to help organise the Singapore Arcade Showdown at Anime Festival Asia 08 before travelling again for India, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Thanks again for being my co-sojourner. Each and every valuable reader here.

Signing off from Seoul.


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Two teenagers stabbed in clash outside Plaza Singapura

Came across this sad story… 10 boys clashed against 6, resulted in 2 horrible injuries :

A friend of the two victims said that the group of about six teenagers had been in Plaza Singapura when they noticed another group of about ten teenagers looking at them with contempt.

He said that a face-to-face confrontation between the two groups ensued outside the shopping centre before a fight broke out.

He added that members of the other group then took out sharp weapons and slashed the victims in their stomachs.

On the scene, one victim appeared unconscious, while the other in severe pain.

As fellow co-sojourners, we can all learn to give each other more space and grace in the highway of life.

(Signing off from Samara, Russia)

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Meeting up with co-sojourners again.. bloggers at Samsung event!

Do more than 50 hours flights in the past 1-2 weeks. Going to be doing even more in the next few weeks.

I have so much I wanna write, but so little time.

But boy am I glad I managed to make it back 2 days again for the Slingers’ record-breaking game and catch up with old friends, especially Gurmit – both of us haven’t caught up for a while.

Also managed to catch up with many blogging co-sojourners. Last night, I met even more at the launch of the Samsung Innov8!

I have loads to write here, and I hope I can find time to do so soon!

In the meantime check out my tech blogs here and here which are updated more frequently, especially with some info on my trips!

There’s some photos too :

Northview church which I visited in Indianapolis – the pastor wears shorts to preach

My time in Osaka and Sakai City I and II

Singapore Slingers record-breaking game, almost 6,000 in the audience!

The Lenovo Thinkpad X200 which I used for my travelling.

My flight over the arctic circle into Chicago

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The journey of musicians..

Many of you might not know that before I enslaved myself to the tech industry for the past 10 years, I was actually a musician. A full-time ‘professional’ musician who had to play a few instruments including the piano, keyboards, drums, percussions, bass, and guitars to make ends meet 😦


Nic the keyboardist

A musician’s life is hard, especially here in Singapore. If you are not the top 0.0001% of musicians who were already grooving even in their mother’s womb, you might be better off earning a living holding signs at street corners Continue reading


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An appeal to Singaporeans

An online fund-raising campaign has been started to enable Singapore’s top cyber-athletes compete in the upcoming Grand Finals of the World Cyber Games (WCG) ’08 in Cologne, Germany. This fundraising campaign is crucial after gamers were stranded without sponsorship even though they qualified at the National Finals to represent Singapore. Three of these Singaporean champions are even medal hopefuls in Cologne.
World Cyber Games (WCG) is the world’s largest and most recognized gaming festival. This year, more than 800 of the world’s best cyber-athletes from over 70 countries will be arriving in Cologne, Germany to compete. Unless our six national cyber-athletes manage to raise S$5,000 each by September, they will not be able to represent Singapore in Cologne even though they won that opportunity by qualifying at the Singapore National finals.

Unlike other countries like China and South Korea, Singapore has yet to recognize cyber-gaming as a national sport. Therefore these cyber-athletes find a lack of structured support even though some of them have performed consistently well on the international stage.

In a last ditch attempt to participate and win in what has been hailed by some as the equivalent of the cyber Olympics, our national cyber-athletes have decided to personally raise the $30,000 needed to cover airfares, accommodation and tournament entrance fees.

Inspired by their maturity and determination, (Singapore) Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) has decided to help these cyber-athletes because one of the cornerstone of our mission is to “achieve international success and recognition for Singapore in competitive gaming”.

Some of our cyber-athletes actually stand a good chance of winning medals and bringing home the glory. Team members have previously won numerous pan-Asian and international titles including
2005 World Cyber Games International Grand Finals Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
2006 World Cyber Games Asian Championship Dead or Alive Champion
2007 World Cyber Games Asian Championship Dead or Alive 1st Runner Up
2007 Championship Gaming Series Pan-Asian Championship Team Champion
2007 Championship Gaming Series World Finals FIFA Individual 2nd Runner-Up
2007 Championship Gaming Series World Finals Dead or Alive Individual Champion

The players who have won WCG ‟08 Singapore and being supported in this fundraising are Mohamed Phirkhan s/o Mohamed Yusuf Khan (FIFA 08), Mohamed Fadhil Bin Mohamed Anwar (Need for Speed), Dennis Ooi (Command & Conquer 3), Lim Wei Yang (Warcraft III), Danny Koo Kwok En (Virtua Fighter 5) and Wilson Chia (Virtua Fighter 5).

Of these 6 players, SCOGA have strong reasons to believe that Wilson, Phirkhan and Danny have good medal chances in Cologne. However, SCOGA will be fundraising for all 6 with a goal of S$30,000/- through our online website
Donations can be made through Paypal, cheque, and by 28th of August, through eNETS which supports Mastercard and VISA. We have to reach our targets by early September 08. Sponsorships are also welcome.

At the time of writing, close to S$5,000/- have been raised through the gaming community and friends.

On behalf of our Singapore cyber-champions, we plead for your support to donate and help us spread the word – we have put up some banners and widgets which you can add to your own blogs and sites. Your support is crucial in sending these Singaporeans to “cyber Olympics‟ and win a medal for Singapore.

We do not have much time and every effort counts.

DISCLAIMER : I’m one of the co-founders of SCOGA


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HP’s giving YOU a free Touch PC!

Yes, guys it’s like stealing candies from babies literally!

Just leave a comment on this post about the latest HP Touchsmart PC and how you can use it to win a HP Touchsmart together with me!

What are you waiting for?

p.s. get your friends and family to join too! But only Singaporean-based readers can apply 😦


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