She’s gone…

What do you do when you lose a precious co-sojourner?

You haven’t heard from me here for the past one month or so cause I was on national service – military reservist training – for two weeks, while really messed up my work schedule.

The worse thing was, Kero disappeared on the second day of my reservist training :

Lost Dog

For weeks, countless hours were spent looking for her. There must have been at least a dozen prank calls, and calls of dog sightings that ended up as other dogs. Three trips to SPCA didn’t yield any results. I even missed my panel slot at BlogOut! (sorry guys)

You can imagine how little work I got done in March. But the more important thing is, she’s gone; and I’ve all but given up hope.

Loss of a loved one is really hard..



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Burmese boat people left to die by Thai authorities

A co-sojourner emailed this news story to me, feeling really angry about it. It’s a really sad story.

It’s so obvious that the Thai government have floated these people out to the big sea to whither and die. And newly elected fresh-faced Thai Prime Minister Abhisit refered the investigation of this case back to the very people who conducted these inhumane acts. Tells you pretty much what he stands for.

Interestingly, Abhisit was Continue reading


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Faith on the highway of life

I just got back from a couple of days in Mumbai. I guess this trip made me more reflective than ever following the recent 26/11 terror attacks.

Security was tight, reminded me just like Indonesia when I was there after the Bali bombings.

Even as myself and billions of Chinese all over the world celebrate the lunar new year, I just wanted to leave this thought on faith with you.

All of us operate with a certain amount of faith in our lives. The word ‘faith’ can be quite hard to describe sometimes. A good way to understand it would be when you are a passenger in a vehicle on the highway.

Look at it this way, how many times do you ask the driver to show you his license, or do a test drive for you, before you decide to hop on and enter the highway with him? Basically, you’ve placed a certain amount of faith in this driver, enough to entrust your life at least!

Many times, we enter into the highway of life with a certain amount of faith in whoever is in the driver’s seat. Faith in yourself, in your god, in the person who is leading you.

Perhaps this is how Obamania came about, someone that the masses decided to place their faith on when the times are dark; in hope that this driver would be able to drive them through the darkness towards their destination. And I hope he does, for the sake of the world.

As we enter the Lunar New Year celebrations, I wanted to leave this thought with you – if you have faith to step into that car, entrusting your life to the driver, without checking his/her license, maybe today you have faith to do other things that you didn’t dare to do in your life? Or faith to believe in someone to be in your driver’s seat?

Have a Blessed Lunar New Year!

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A certain type of drivers

There are some drivers I met – and they are mostly of a certain type but I don’t really want to mention names – that can’t tell very well between left and right.

You give directions like “Turn left ahead” and that person will signal right! And vice versa of course.

Yeah, let’s not get started on the details :p I don’t feel like having an accident on the highway today.

But I was just thinking about it recently, how that relates to life – since this blog is about highways relating to life.

And I think this one is obvious enough : Continue reading

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Experiencing the arctic right here in Singapore

Last Friday night, I was given a chance to experience what it’s like to be in the arctic right here in Singapore :

Heat Loss Measuring Arctic Room

Guess where’s this? (And it’s free for public) Continue reading


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Mobile Blogging

Test mobile blogging from Nokia N96

UPDATE 1 : Since this blog isn’t updated as often as my other blogs and now that I’ve discovered the wonderful service of, I’ll update it from time to time with micro-posts or short posts from mobile (mostly Nokia N96). So don’t be surprised to see blog posts without tags, categories and titles! Hey at least the blog is being updated more regularly!

UPDATE 2: I discovered that micro-blogging here is not good for some of my more ‘ardent’ and RSS readers. Finally managed to figure out how to put the micro-blogging stuff onto a side widget on So there you have it, I’ll be mobile blogging onto a side widget called “on the steering wheel” from now on.

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“I prefer to be a passenger”

A fellow co-sojourner told me he turned down the company’s offer for a company car including transport allowance. It kinda baffled me so I had to ask the big “WHY”?

“Oh, I used to drive but I prefer to let others drive me or take public transport so that I don’t have to drive others around.”

That really got me thinking about one’s attitude towards life.

Why would one prefer to Continue reading


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