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China Earthquake : a 9-year-old’s recount

My heart goes out to China especially the earthquake victims as I watched the nation mourn and wail on CNN yesterday in my hotel room in Bangkok.

This came into my inbox today from a friend in China :

One of the stories was about a little boy, he’s 9 years old. When the earthquake just started, the school building started to crash, he was buried, Continue reading



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Choosing your co-sojourners

This blog is about the life being like the highway, with quite a bit of parallels and lessons to learn from.

One of my favourites subjects is on co-sojourners.

In the context of a highway, your co-sojourners can be other cars right there and then on that same highway with you.

But it could also be the person sitting in the same vehicle with you as you cruise down the highway of life.

Some of these co-sojourners come and go. Your paths cross for a fleeting moment in eternity, and then you continue on your separate journeys.
For example, the bus ride I took in China where I had a prostitute Continue reading


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“The Slingers Miss You”

On Sunday night, the Slingers won the Perth Wildcats in a nerve-wrecking, hair-raising, extra-time racking match that had many people on their feet pulling their hair out and screaming for joy all at once!

As I just came back from 2 weeks of travel in China a couple of days ago, I only managed to pull along some bloggers who had previously written some good posts about the previous game we went to. Or those on the top of my mind who told me they really wanted to come for the next game when I got back. Too bad EastCoastLife (who really wanted her son Jaymes to come) and Jason the basketball freakdiehard did not make it.

In this game, Continue reading


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A funny road situation that stalled me for 1 hour Part I

As many of you know, I’m now in China. Just move out of Wuhan City into Yue Yang and now just settled into ChangSha.

Anyways, I came across this really weird road situation 2 days back

china accident

on a rural village road which stalled me for 1 hour. Man… can you figure what happened?

More to come in Part II. Watch out for it.

HighwayBlogger from ChangSha.
(Glad to be able to access this blog again behind the ‘great firewall‘)


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