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Fleishman-Hillard’s Bloggers Event

Last night, I finally went to a bloggers’ event after 2 months of travelling and not being around. It was good to meet fellow co-sojourners on the internet highway a.k.a. bloggers again and also made some new friends :

Alice and Pris

Alice (with the camera) and Pris

Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong with Yuhui behind him and new STOMP star blogger Vanessa on the far right.


Claudia posing with the Lenovo S10 which I brought Continue reading



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Clinton and Obama : Talk about co-sojourners

This is a classic case to me, of how the most bitter of enemies can come together again to continue the next part of their life’s journey together as co-sojourners.

It’s interesting that Obama is taking the way of Lincoln to build a ‘team of rivals’. Can he hold this ship together? For the good of America and the world, let’s hope he does.

This also drives home the point that there are no enemies forever. You may decide not to continue your journey with so-and-so co-sojourner now, but you never know when your paths will cross again and you’ll be traveling down the same road or highway together again.

Now I wonder if Obama will do anything interesting with McCain?

(Signing off from Seoul)

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Two teenagers stabbed in clash outside Plaza Singapura

Came across this sad story… 10 boys clashed against 6, resulted in 2 horrible injuries :

A friend of the two victims said that the group of about six teenagers had been in Plaza Singapura when they noticed another group of about ten teenagers looking at them with contempt.

He said that a face-to-face confrontation between the two groups ensued outside the shopping centre before a fight broke out.

He added that members of the other group then took out sharp weapons and slashed the victims in their stomachs.

On the scene, one victim appeared unconscious, while the other in severe pain.

As fellow co-sojourners, we can all learn to give each other more space and grace in the highway of life.

(Signing off from Samara, Russia)

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Meeting up with co-sojourners again.. bloggers at Samsung event!

Do more than 50 hours flights in the past 1-2 weeks. Going to be doing even more in the next few weeks.

I have so much I wanna write, but so little time.

But boy am I glad I managed to make it back 2 days again for the Slingers’ record-breaking game and catch up with old friends, especially Gurmit – both of us haven’t caught up for a while.

Also managed to catch up with many blogging co-sojourners. Last night, I met even more at the launch of the Samsung Innov8!

I have loads to write here, and I hope I can find time to do so soon!

In the meantime check out my tech blogs here and here which are updated more frequently, especially with some info on my trips!

There’s some photos too :

Northview church which I visited in Indianapolis – the pastor wears shorts to preach

My time in Osaka and Sakai City I and II

Singapore Slingers record-breaking game, almost 6,000 in the audience!

The Lenovo Thinkpad X200 which I used for my travelling.

My flight over the arctic circle into Chicago

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The Ping.Sg Highway goes on

Normally I refrain from commenting on disputes or scandals happening on the local blogosphere.

Coz I always believe that’s more to what we read than meets the eye and I’d rather not make a judgement in case I might not have the complete picture.

And also coz I’m usually too busy to find out all the ins and outs of the community and attend a lot of the events – especially with my being on the road since April till 2 weeks back.

But having said all that, do allow me to share a little bit of my humble thoughts on Ping.Sg, what I consider as the local highway for bloggers.

I have observed that Continue reading


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China Earthquake : a 9-year-old’s recount

My heart goes out to China especially the earthquake victims as I watched the nation mourn and wail on CNN yesterday in my hotel room in Bangkok.

This came into my inbox today from a friend in China :

One of the stories was about a little boy, he’s 9 years old. When the earthquake just started, the school building started to crash, he was buried, Continue reading


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My Co-sojourners II

A quick follow-up on the previous post comes part II !

Mike Zhan

My Winning Eleven nemesis and star-wannabe Continue reading

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