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“I prefer to be a passenger”

A fellow co-sojourner told me he turned down the company’s offer for a company car including transport allowance. It kinda baffled me so I had to ask the big “WHY”?

“Oh, I used to drive but I prefer to let others drive me or take public transport so that I don’t have to drive others around.”

That really got me thinking about one’s attitude towards life.

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Back on the journey

Having been so busy so long with so many projects, I kinda surprised myself in actually being quite glad and relieved for once to be able to travel for a while. Armed with a couple of gadgets, I’ll be doing some long drives across the United States and flights of more than 50 hours in less than 10 days. Hopefully these long journeys will motivate me to wanna write about the Highway of Life more :p

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Choosing your co-sojourners

This blog is about the life being like the highway, with quite a bit of parallels and lessons to learn from.

One of my favourites subjects is on co-sojourners.

In the context of a highway, your co-sojourners can be other cars right there and then on that same highway with you.

But it could also be the person sitting in the same vehicle with you as you cruise down the highway of life.

Some of these co-sojourners come and go. Your paths cross for a fleeting moment in eternity, and then you continue on your separate journeys.
For example, the bus ride I took in China where I had a prostitute Continue reading


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Mistakes in life – Lessons from the highway.

I grew up in a culture where we are not so forgiving towards mistakes. A recent chat with an american-based venture capitalist (VC) confirmed this:

“I’ve realised that over here, when your startup fail and you lose money, people scream for blood.”

“But over in the US where I come from, when your startup fail and you go back to your VC, he’d say ‘common, you can do it, gimme one more startup to invest in!'”

What a strange contrast. Almost unimaginable to us here in this part of the world.

But then I thought of a parallel. Driving Continue reading


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Aimless in life

Have you ever hopped into a car only to realise that you have no idea where you’re going only when you’re already on the highway?

Maybe you just trust the guy who’s driving you; but maybe it has also happened when you are the driver and halfway through you just have simply no idea where you’re going anymore?

Will you panick? Maybe not if you trust the driver – or if you are driving and you’re a pretty cool person who doesn’t panick easily.

Or have you just ever gone so far into one journey on the highway and then suddenly decided that you wanted to change course? Happened to me before.

Your mind would probably process faster than a Intel Core 2 Duo even as you frantically scan all the road signs zooming past for the nearest exit.

Or maybe sometimes, you just like to drive aimlessly. “Take me anywhere” to the driver cause you simply dunno where to go.

Sometimes, it’s just so much like life.
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