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Faith on the highway of life

I just got back from a couple of days in Mumbai. I guess this trip made me more reflective than ever following the recent 26/11 terror attacks.

Security was tight, reminded me just like Indonesia when I was there after the Bali bombings.

Even as myself and billions of Chinese all over the world celebrate the lunar new year, I just wanted to leave this thought on faith with you.

All of us operate with a certain amount of faith in our lives. The word ‘faith’ can be quite hard to describe sometimes. A good way to understand it would be when you are a passenger in a vehicle on the highway.

Look at it this way, how many times do you ask the driver to show you his license, or do a test drive for you, before you decide to hop on and enter the highway with him? Basically, you’ve placed a certain amount of faith in this driver, enough to entrust your life at least!

Many times, we enter into the highway of life with a certain amount of faith in whoever is in the driver’s seat. Faith in yourself, in your god, in the person who is leading you.

Perhaps this is how Obamania came about, someone that the masses decided to place their faith on when the times are dark; in hope that this driver would be able to drive them through the darkness towards their destination. And I hope he does, for the sake of the world.

As we enter the Lunar New Year celebrations, I wanted to leave this thought with you – if you have faith to step into that car, entrusting your life to the driver, without checking his/her license, maybe today you have faith to do other things that you didn’t dare to do in your life? Or faith to believe in someone to be in your driver’s seat?

Have a Blessed Lunar New Year!


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Meeting up with co-sojourners again.. bloggers at Samsung event!

Do more than 50 hours flights in the past 1-2 weeks. Going to be doing even more in the next few weeks.

I have so much I wanna write, but so little time.

But boy am I glad I managed to make it back 2 days again for the Slingers’ record-breaking game and catch up with old friends, especially Gurmit – both of us haven’t caught up for a while.

Also managed to catch up with many blogging co-sojourners. Last night, I met even more at the launch of the Samsung Innov8!

I have loads to write here, and I hope I can find time to do so soon!

In the meantime check out my tech blogs here and here which are updated more frequently, especially with some info on my trips!

There’s some photos too :

Northview church which I visited in Indianapolis – the pastor wears shorts to preach

My time in Osaka and Sakai City I and II

Singapore Slingers record-breaking game, almost 6,000 in the audience!

The Lenovo Thinkpad X200 which I used for my travelling.

My flight over the arctic circle into Chicago

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The Ping.Sg Highway goes on

Normally I refrain from commenting on disputes or scandals happening on the local blogosphere.

Coz I always believe that’s more to what we read than meets the eye and I’d rather not make a judgement in case I might not have the complete picture.

And also coz I’m usually too busy to find out all the ins and outs of the community and attend a lot of the events – especially with my being on the road since April till 2 weeks back.

But having said all that, do allow me to share a little bit of my humble thoughts on Ping.Sg, what I consider as the local highway for bloggers.

I have observed that Continue reading


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Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

2007 has been an eventful year for me indeed as I shifted back into high gear – traveled tonnes and took on more business portfolios. And 2008 is set to be even more crazy as my 1st half is almost fully booked and a few more portfolios are in discussions!

But most importantly 2007 marks the beginning of blogging and meeting precious co-sojourners on the highway of life like you.

Here’s wishing all my co-sojourners on this highway of life a Blessed Christmas and May 2008 be the most exciting part of your life’s journey and be your best ever yet!

Paragon Xmas tree

This Xmas tree in front of Paragon was rather nice. For more pics on the Orchard lights and decorations, head on down to my other blog.

Conrad Bears

Conrad Hotel imprisoned a bunch of ‘bear-ly’ co-sojourners in a Xmas tree.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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Aimless in life

Have you ever hopped into a car only to realise that you have no idea where you’re going only when you’re already on the highway?

Maybe you just trust the guy who’s driving you; but maybe it has also happened when you are the driver and halfway through you just have simply no idea where you’re going anymore?

Will you panick? Maybe not if you trust the driver – or if you are driving and you’re a pretty cool person who doesn’t panick easily.

Or have you just ever gone so far into one journey on the highway and then suddenly decided that you wanted to change course? Happened to me before.

Your mind would probably process faster than a Intel Core 2 Duo even as you frantically scan all the road signs zooming past for the nearest exit.

Or maybe sometimes, you just like to drive aimlessly. “Take me anywhere” to the driver cause you simply dunno where to go.

Sometimes, it’s just so much like life.
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What is a co-sojourner?

“There’s something absolutely magical and beautiful about sharing something with someone you don’t know. And I don’t mean sharing a pen or a pencil, or something of that sort. I’m talking about sharing something intimate like an umbrella. ”

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