Support the Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow ribbon project I’ve been a passive supporter of this project since my friend Mike was on the committee and his wife Lina (Ng) acted in the movie “One More Chance” in support of the project. Did you notice the yellow ribbons wrapped all over trees in Singapore last year inline with Tony Orlando’s Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree? Loved ’em!

People make wrong decisions in life, just like wrong turns on the road or highway, we make them all the time.

Some are more serious, some are less so. I talked about making that one wrong turn in life before.

This is a shout out to Endoh for creating these buttons. You can download other versions here

Sicarii has a similar post here which I found great!

Do support the yellow ribbon project and help unlock the second prison!



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3 responses to “Support the Yellow Ribbon Project

  1. Ed

    Hi there, thanks for keeping the ball rolling. Let’s hope the awareness will continue to roll on…

    Hey Ed, thanks for the great work on those buttons and for popping by!

  2. Ed

    I have replied your query in my comment section but I am not quite sure if I got it right.


  3. Sicarii

    Thank you for the link and the comment at my blog. 🙂

    you’re more than welcome, one good turn deserves another!

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